Insolvency and Liquidation

Businesses often run into financial difficulties and need assistance with Recovery plans and Liquidations. Sheil Kinnear has developed a range of services which offer businesses and their providers of capital the necessary guidance and support.

Our range of services in this area include:

  • Formation and monitoring the implementation of recovery plans
  • Investigating the viability of businesses who are experiencing financial difficulties
  • Preparation of financial review reports for providers of capital
  • Advising investors and shareholders of companies in financial difficulty
  • Implementing either formal or informal schemes of arrangement and seeking additional financial resources
  • Acting as a receiver to maximise recovery
  • Provision of services to creditors of companies in difficulty including advice and assistance on options for debt recovery
  • Acting as liquidator on the nomination of creditors/members
  • Assisting directors at creditor meetings
  • Acting as liquidator in companies where shareholders wish to cease activities in an orderly fashion and maximise cash extraction from their equity investment
  • Advising in relation to debt restructuring